Visegrad Refugee Forum 2015

Visegrad Refugee Forum 2015

Visegrad Refugee Forum – 2015 intends to build an expert network working on the field of migration and asylum issues in CEE. The main aim of the workshop is to provide productive ideas for experts and decision-makers dealing with these issues in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The recent conflicts in our Eastern and Southern neighborhood are challenging EU member-states, especially the “border countries”. Three of four countries from the V4 are directly endangered by the effects of the Ukrainian and Syrian-Iraqi crises – at least as far as the refugee flow is concerned.  The increasing burden for the asylum system is likely to be a serious challenge for the V4. The aim of our project ‘Visegrad Refugee Forum – 2015’ is to map, how V4 countries could prepare for a massive refugee influx.

This phenomena covers a broad range of issues such as the general trends of asylum applications in the V4 region,  capacity building of reception facilities and the future challenges for the Common European Asylum System . The project will show that the historical experience with migration and seeking asylum connects us in the region. The conditions of the reception facilities in V4 countries necessitate a massive development in order to establish and maintain the minimum standards for refugees according to the human rights obligations and European acquis communataire. Sharing the common problems about the improvement of reception centers can be beneficial for all participating countries.

The findings of the conference was published in a  60 pages long volume by the CS4FAC in the special summer edition of a Hungarian foreign and security policy journal Biztpol Affairs. (

The publication can be downloaded from here:


The results of the project give beneficial background information for national and European decision- makers and the academia as well. As far as the objects of the research are concerned, the refugees can be the beneficiaries of a future development of asylum system. On the other hand, creating a Visegrad asylum network helps the representatives of national authorities understand the common challenges in the region and they can raise their common voice in Europe about the need of development in this regard.

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Visegrad Refugee Forum 2015 Budapest

The project was financially supported by the Small Grant Project of the International Visegrad Fund.