Foreign Policy Proficiency Programme 2015

Foreign Policy Proficiency Programme 2015

The Foreign Policy Proficiency Programme is an ongoing project of a semester-long lecture series, hosted by the Society, held by various experienced and acknowledged Hungarian and foreign professionals from various fields – International Relations and Political Science experts, International law specialists, social scientists, Ministry officials, Fulbright scholars and lecturers. The goal of this project is to provide diverse in-depth practical knowledge to the next generation of experts that they will be able to use in their respective careers.
Hallgató Program
  • 2015.10.07.Serbia in Transition

    Presentation of Ms. Anna Orosz, expert of IFAT
  • 2015.10.15. The Eastern-Ukraine conflict

    Presentation of Mr. András Rácz, expert of UPI FIIA
  • 2015.11.12. Euroatlantic Security Community and the V4

    Presentation of H.E. Rastislav Kacer, Ambassador of Slovakia to Hungary
  • 2015.11.19.Assessment of the Wales Summit and the potential future of NATO

    Presentation of Ms. Kinga Szálkai and Mr. Péter Stepper, Ph.D candidates of CUB
  • 2015.11.21.Visegrad Group ahead of NATO-Warsaw Summit

    Presentation of Mr. Marian Majer, CEPI