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The Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture, a non-governmental organisation and think-tank strives for academic excellence through conducting foreign policy analysis and connecting bright minds from students and young researchers to acknowledged academists since 2004.

As an institution with a diverse profile, our Society works on various projects both as an academic think-tank and a non-governmental organisation. We see it as our mission to use the potential of young, talented people, who can work along with experienced professionals to do outstanding scientific work and conduct foreign policy analysis from a unique, Central European point of view. We are strongly committed to institutional cooperation in the Central European and Visegrad Four area and work together with our partners in neighbouring countries on various projects to further the cause of both the non-governmental civilian sphere and academic life as the scientific background of policy making.

Recent projects


V4 Road to Euroatlantic integration – 30 years after

30 years passed since 1989 and the democratic transition of the Central European countries. The V4 cooperation has proved itself as one of the most important […]

Young Leaders Forum ahead of Hungarian and beyond Polish V4 Presidency

Our recent project intends to widen the sphere of knowledge about the V4 countries among university students and those who are interested in the possible ways […]

Polish and Hungarian perspectives ahead of Warsaw NATO Summit

The aim of the project is to bring together young researchers interested in observing security policy issues of Central Eastern Europe. After the Russian aggression against […]